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Taalib Al Haqq

Luna Crave



I've always had what I believe is a connection to the source or creator. As an artist, I usually channel this energy using my music but I also express my connection physically as well . Gemstones and crystals mean more to me then yoga bracelets or beaded bracelets or chakra bracelets. To me, they're conduits of energy used to remind oneself  to remain conscience at all times of the power we naturally posses. I've walked many paths, but never really saw myself as a stones and gems dealer, or a jewelry pop up shop type but when I love something I don't horde it I want to share it with the world.  I hope you find something you liked here in our humble shop or at the very least a bit of  motivation or inspiration to be flooded with light and love energy and let your spirit drip.


First I'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit our shop even more for supporting in any way,

much love to you.

I began to go by Luna the moment I decided to share my light and gifts with those around me shamelessly and fearlessly, its definitely been a journey, far from over. 

The Moon has been a muse to me through my darkest times and I aspire to be exactly that, a light.

 Always a light, in hopes I too inspire anyone at reach to recognize their own inner fire, celestial power and divine  beauty. My memoir is far from a fairytale and I am more familiar with loneliness and trouble then the blessings I now have at hand and learning to savor, embrace and share the best I can. Art has served as my purest form of expression, from poetry where my divine feminine finds relief to painting on canvas what my soul can not put in words. I feel the most like myself and the most liberated when I sing,  it is sacred to me it is how I connect with the divine, with you and the deepest parts of my human experience. I am blessed to now share this life journey with my soulmate. I hope we add or assist in your life journey in one form or the other.

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